What is Bunnies On the Bayou?

‘Bunnies On the Bayou’ refers to two things actually: 1) the non-profit organization and 2) the Easter party held on Buffalo Bayou each and every Easter Sunday.

Why do you have your event on Easter Sunday?

On Easter Sunday in 1979 a small group of friends gathered for a Birthday Celebration. The word spread of the event, and the following year in 1980 they set up a sound system and sent out invitations. This was the beginning of Bunnies on the Bayou. In the mid-80’s, admission of a bag of food for local charities was required to enter the event. During the 90’s, the event grew again, and the location changed to the Wortham Center. Instead of food, Bunnies began to raise money for local charities which seek to improve the quality of life of individuals within our community.

What does Bunnies do with all the money they raise?

So glad you asked! 100% of net proceeds from the main event is distributed to local LGBT services and organizations in the form of grants. So the more events you attend, the greater your contribution! In the last decade we have given away more than One Million Dollars to local LGBT charities.

How many Bunnies events are there?

There is the “main event” on Easter, as well as smaller auxiliary events throughout the year, such as Bunnies in Heat, Snow Bunnies, Honey Bunnies, Basket Bash, and our VIP party.

Uh, do these events have anything to do with real rabbits?

Nope, we’re just dedicated to a theme! And doesn’t the image of a fluffy bunny just scream “adorable”??

Will the event be cancelled this year due to the Pandemic?

The event will take place on Sunday, April 9, 2023 from 1PM-6PM

We will encourage COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters by continuing to partner with Buddy’s Houston on vaccine drives. Additionally, we will encourage the use of masks, when possible. It has been too long and we cannot wait to see you!

Do you have to be gay to attend Bunnies events?

Not at all! We are open to anyone, including allies, who wish to have a great time and help raise funds for organizations that serve the local LGBTQIA+ community.

Where are all these parties?

Main event is held downtown at Sesquicentennial Park , just outside the Wortham Theatre. Auxiliary events rotate between local bars in the community.

Are events free?

The sole purpose of these events is to raise money for the local LGBT community, so we do charge. Auxiliary events have a nominal cover charge at the door, usually $10-$15. The main event has 3 ticket options: General Admission, VIP, and Garden.

Do I need tickets for the main event?

Yes. Tickets are made available online in advance of the event, and are the easiest way to purchase. However, if you follow us on Facebook, we announce when we will be out in the community selling actual paper tickets. And for all you procrastinators, we have them available at the gate.

Do I have to print out the ticket if I bought it online?

No. A QR code will be used. We can scan your phone.

What is the difference between VIP and Garden?

We are taking VIP to the next level with our Garden area. A limited amount of guests will have the opportunity to rest and relax in the middle of the party . You will have access to a lounge area, private air conditioned bathrooms, catered food and bartenders serving ultra premium drinks.

Can I upgrade my VIP ticket to a Garden Ticket on the day of the event?

Yes. Anyone can upgrade their ticket at the event.

What is the dress code at Bunnies?

We love when attendees choose to be creative with an Easter theme. Just remember that we are a 100% outdoors event so make sure your bonnet is comfortable.

Are all my drinks included with my ticket to Bunnies?


Are women welcome at the event?

Yes! Bunnies are welcoming of anyone that wishes to have fun and support the community. We are a safe environment for men, women, transmen, transwomen, non-binary… you get the point.

Can I bring my child into the event? How about my Dog?

Sadly, no and no. Bunnies is strictly 21+ to attend the main event due to the presence of alcohol, and really, it wouldn’t be all that interesting to children. Due to the sheer size of the crowd and lack of pet-friendly areas, it isn’t safe for our furkids, either. (*If you have a certified guide or therapy dog, please contact us.)

Where do I park for Bunnies? Will there be any shuttles?

It wouldn’t be Houston if we didn’t have to drive! Do yourself a favor and consider Uber/Lyft or a taxi, first. There IS plenty of parking available in the area: Theatre District garages are below, as well as paid surface lots and limited street parking. The cost for these can vary widely.

What happens if it rains?

You know the saying about “if you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait 5 minutes”? We are a rain-or-shine event, and over the last 43 years, it has rained once or twice. Unless there are dangerous weather conditions such as lightning or tornadic activity, we all just get a little bit soaked and keep on partying.

What is the difference between a volunteer and a Bunny Host?

Bunny Hosts are the dedicated volunteers who work year-round to plan and execute the largest and best outdoor cocktail party of the Spring. Hosts pay dues and vote on business. Volunteers join us in throwing the main event party. We need LOTS of volunteers for the entire weekend to set up, run the bars, and tear down.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

Saturday set up crew is open to anyone 18+, who can lift at least 20 lbs. However, Sunday volunteers MUST be 21+. Most Sunday volunteer positions need current TABC certification. This can be attained online beforehand.

Why is Bunnies on the Bayou non political?

Our sole focus is raising money for local LGBT charities. Getting involved in politics as an organization can be divisive and take energy away from our goal. However, we highly encourage everyone to be involved in their community, and welcome voter registration at events when we can.

What can I expect when I volunteer with Bunnies?

Fun, of course!

How can my organization become a beneficiary of BOTB?

Once a year, in the late fall, Bunnies will have a Call for Beneficiaries. Any organization that is a 501(c)3 organization with at least one I-990 filing, can apply. Directions are posted on the website, and the call is posted on Facebook.

How can my bar/restaurant/business host an event?

We are always open to holding an auxiliary event in a new location to keep things interesting. We do have some minimal space concerns and requirements, so if you think you want to have a Bunny shindig, contact us directly by email so we can talk.

I make/bake/sell jewelry/cookies/timeshares, etc., can I come to your event?

We keep the focus on what Bunnies do best – throw a terrific party. We do not allow for 3rd party vendors or any kind of sales at our events (except for the food) because all money raised at our event is designated for grant awards. There is no distribution of handbills or flyers allowed.

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